band machine3 rollen

Due to the 2 Masson Scott sheetcutters and our Marquip Wizzard sheeter, we have a yearly capacity of approximately 70.000tn.

Besides cutting your costs, we also cut all your Boards within the range of 100 – 600 gr/sqrm.

These 3 machines gives us the possibility to produce for you sheets with:

  • a Sheetwidth of 330 – 1680mm
  • a Sheetlength of 350 – 1650mm
  • and Dust extraction on all machines

The pallets we use are : Non-stop, or any special design you require.

  • Wrapped in Shrink-wrap PE/LD

You may deliver to us Reels with:

  • A Reelwidth 400 – 1700mm
  • A Reeldiameter max. 2150mm
  • A reelweight max. 4000kg
  • Core-diameters 76 – 305mm